Thursday, September 2, 2010



The SPPED POST service offered by the Deparment of Posts and Telegraph have come of age. Few years ago people were resorting to private couriers to sent a letter across rapidly. Things have now changed and the postal department has done a lot of catching up. Giving a technical edge to the system, the postal department has a host of facilities to offer for speed post. You can track the status of your speed post sitting in your house.

When you book the speed post in a post office, you are given an acknowlegement slip which contains a bar code, the consignee's address, and an unique Post Article number. To track your speed post you can log on and type the post article no given in the slip and date of booking of the post and click track.(click on the image to get enlarged view)

You can view the entire details of your post, like the movement of your post, delivery status etc. online. (click on the images to get enlarged view)

An uniform rate of Rs.25 is charged (upto 50 gms weight)for speed post all over India (one india one rate scheme) and Rs.12 is charged for local speed post. The rates are competetive and the service is good.

SMS facility for tracking your speed post is also offered by the department. You have to send an SMS to 55352 by typing SP(space)speed post number or EMS(space)speed post number. The letter IN at the end of the number need not be entered. The data will be available for 3 months from the date of booking and the rates will be as per the charges of the service provider


  1. i had a call on Speed Post Customer Care Number for the query of my speed post but there is no response from their side. So please sir tell me what can i do now....

  2. How to track speed post? I guess your guide answers my question. Thanks