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Konkan Railway was constructed by Konkan Railway Corporation. It runs between Mumbai and Mangalore on the western coast of India. These two cities were not connected directly by rail prior to this venture. The total distance is around 760 kms. Konkan region lies between the Arabian sea on the west and the Sahyadri mountain range on the east. Laying a railway line in this scenic area was a challenge by itself, due to the difficult terrain involved. The route had to meander its way through the valleys, mountains, over the rivers. Indian engineers were up for the challenge and completed the project. It was dedicated to the nation on January 26 1998. Opening of this railway line has resulted in the reduction of distance between stations and thereby reducing traveling time of long distance trains. There are 59 stations, 179 major bridges (longest bridge in this railway is about 2 kms over Sharavati river), 1819 minor bridges, 320 curves enroute.

One has to travel over Konkan Railways to enjoy the experience. To view the timetable of Konkan Railway go to and place the cursor on passenger info menu. Click on the time table link the following screen will appear. (click on the image to get an enlarged view)

If you know the train no. type the train no. and click submit you will get the schedule of that particular train or else select one of the trains from the drop down menu and click submit. You will be able to view the train schedule.

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